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K-FLEX Solution for thermal insulation
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K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM is a special top coat for K-FLEX INDUSTRIAL thermal products which is resistant to ultraviolet, is characterized by high reflective power suitable for high-quality sanitation if required. This unique solution is used as a covering layer for any technological thermal insulation in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. This coating is also ideally suited for outdoors usage, for equipment and pipelines used in heat power industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing.

K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM is a composite coating which consists of three layers: a polypropylene base adding flexibility and strength to the coating; UV reflecting aluminum foil; a transparent polymeric coating on top to protect the material against chemical and mechanical actions.

The material is created in the laboratory of our production plant in Italy. K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM is a solution for the systems which require constant sanitation, for the systems located outdoors, and for the equipment and pipelines used in heat power engineering. Sometimes K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM may be applied as an alternative of aluminum sheet which is often used as a coating layer.

The need for a new K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM coating is associated with the following:
complicated and time-consuming mounting of metal covering;
frequent corrosion attacks of metal covering;
high prices for shaped objects of a construction made of sheet metal;
problems related to chemical resistance of traditional coatings used in thermal insulation;
apparent strengthening of requirements to the coating service life in comparison with traditional materials;
problems caused by labored treatment and removal of dirt, greases, and rust;
higher requirements to materials in terms of their resistance to mechanical damages.

K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM is notable for its good heat-reflecting capability, ultraviolet and atmosphere precipitation resistance, convenience in sanitation of its surface.

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