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K-FLEX® LS is a flexible, closed-cell elastomeric insulation product

In 1989, L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX founded its first production plant for elastomeric flexible foam insulation materials in Roncello, Italy, a province of Milan. The company was founded by Amedeo Spinelli, the current president and owner, whom had previous experience in the rubber manufacturing industry. Initially, the company started with only 35 employees. 
L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX quickly asserted itself in the market and grew rapidly. In 1993,  K-FLEX had already established a significant market share in Italy and was expanding into other European markets with the opening of offices in France and Spain (Barcelona in 1995 and Madrid in 1998).
Almost ten years after its foundation, in 1998, L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX began its expansion outside of Europe by inaugurating K-FLEX Rhein, the first of four Chinese manufacturing plants. The last Chinese plant became fully operational in the beginning of 2009. K-FLEX also opened a factory in Turkey in 1999 and, in March 2001, started a plant in the U.S. (Youngsville, North Carolina) and then continued its expansion into Russia (2005), India (2008) and Malaysia (2008). 
The Company has also continued its development in Europe with new branches in Germany (December 2000), Scandinavia (July 2005), Poland (December 2005), the United Kingdom (April 2006) and Romania (July 2008). 
L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX has grown rapidly, not only in size, but also in its product range. K-FLEX has expanded and diversified its product lines to reach many different markets, as well as worked to consolidate its presence in existing markets around the world. The Company has recently concluded several strategic acquisitions in England, China and the United States. 
Over the course of 2008, K-FLEX completed several strategic consolidations in major markets. L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX acquired shares of their joint venture Nomaco K-FLEX USA in January 2008. The Italian company now holds all shares of the new company, K-FLEX USA LLC. This strategic acquisition ensures a fast and efficient distribution network and central location in U.S. territory to support their goal of becoming a dominant player in the North American insulation business. 
In April 2008, L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX consolidated its control over activities in China by signing an agreement between K-FLEX (Hong Kong) Insulation Company Limited and Pan Overseas Co-Chen Ltd that allowed the Italian company to acquire all of the shares. The strong presence of L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX in the Chinese market has brought good results in terms of annual growth over the past five years. This acquisition allows the K-FLEX Group to improve its strategies in China and in the Asian-Pacific area through a more rapid introduction of technological innovations. 
The last strategic activity of 2008 was the 100% share acquisition of BevEx Ltd. BevEx offers an important diversification opportunity for L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX through its presence in the Food & Beverage sector.



Thermal conductivity (λ factor)

Heat flow which, in static conditions, crosses the surface of a homogenous material. Thermal conductivity is a measurement of the ability of a material to transmit heat. As shown in the diagram below, the lower the value λ of a material, the better the thermal insulation.

The Chart compares Insulation features of different materials

Aluminium λ = 200 W/mk
Water λ = 0.58 W/mk
Wood λ = 0.12 W/mk
Elastomer λ = 0.033* W/mk
  * at 0°C for K-FLEX ST product ≤ 25 mm

Temperature range

Our materials are suitable for applications ranging from -200 °C to +175 °C. The temperature range for each product is always indicated in the appropriate specification.

Quality & Safety

Our materials are compatible with applications in environments where strict testing and international approvals are necessary for marine, rail, oil and cleanroom applications.

Flexibility and ease of use

The ease of installation of our materials sets them apart from other products on the market. Due to its flexibility and elasticity, K-Flex elastomeric insulation is ideal for a variety of applications, such as: air conditioning ducts, pipes, elbows, valves, flanges, reservoirs, etc. Professionals will also appreciate its extreme cleanliness because it does not leave traces and residues during installation. Even restoration and maintenance work can be carried out with ease and can achieve a saving in installation time that is unique compared to other materials.

Fire Behaviour

All our products are certified and supervised at major international laboratories which guarantee that they are self-extinguishing in case of fire. Years of experience and international presence have allowed us to surpass even the strictest standards: BS 476, DIN 4102, Euroclass, Italian Class 1, Spanish M1, French NF-FEU, American ASTM and these are just some of over 1500 certifications that our materials have achieved.

Non-Toxic Products

Many insulation materials are porous or fibrous. In these types of materials the presence of moisture and organic matter allow the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi. Our products are resistant to this and thus contribute to the quality of the air that we breathe. We do our best to ensure that our products do not emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to further protect air quality by changing the ingredients and production process and ensuring that the products are from certified suppliers. In the USA our products are certified GREENGUARD by the AQS (Air Quality Science) Laboratories. This prestigious qualification in the “GREENGUARD for Children & Schools” programme ensures that the product does not emit toxic substances. In Europe there is a similar certification from the German institute EPA which has approved our product as completely harmless with regard to the emission of airborne substances. Elastomeric insulation is not made of fibrous material, and does not release harmful particles into the air. This,therefore, is regarded as an ideal product for use in public places such as schools and hospitals. It is also used in clean rooms: for the production of microchips where the minimum of dust and the absence of pollutants are a necessity for efficient production processes.

Resistant to water vapour diffusion (μ factor)

Our materials are resistant to water vapour diffusion. The higher the resistance to the penetration of water vapour, (denoted by Mu (μ)), the greater the consistency of performance over a period of time. This benefit is significant when insulating cold items, where insulation thicknesses are chosen so as to achieve a surface temperature above the ambient dewpoint. Ambient humidity will try to breach the insulation in order to achieve equilibrium conditions. Because the thermal conductivity of water is 0,58 W / (mK), and therefore about 16 times higher than our insulation, any absorption of water vapour could reduce the insulation efficiency. The formation of condensation on the surface of tubing and ducting is the main cause of corrosion beneath insulation which quickly leads to damage of pipes and ducts.

Closed Cell Products 

Thermal insulating closed cell products have many advantages over the traditional open cell and products made of wool or fibreglass: 

- They have a better thermal conductivity, because the air inside the closed cells has a lower mobility than that produced in open cells therefore the convective component of heat exchange is considerably lower.

- Vapour diffusion into the insulation is much lower, thus the thermal conductivity will be guaranteed for longer, even without using protective coatings.

- The mechanical properties are better.

- They promote a natural inhibition of bacterial growth, because bacteria cannot spread within the structure.


is an Italian manufacturing company specialising in the production of thermal and acoustic elastomeric insulation materials. The company has production facilities and subsidiary networks around the globe in order to supply their products to a worldwide customer base. Its diversified product range provides solutions for various market sectors, including building, transportation, petrochemical and renewable energy.

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX is a worldwide market leader thanks to its focus on technological innovation and the quality of its products that play an essential role in energy consumption control and the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX is present in 43 countries, with 11 production facilities and more than 1,500 employees. In addition, the company has a strong commercial distribution network and branches, located all over the world, for the efficient and effective global distribution process of its products.

The Company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, registered and has over one thousand additional certifications for products that guarantee quality, reliability and performance standards for the whole insulation market.

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX as production facilities located in:

Italy (Headquarters) USA Poland
Russia Turkey Dubai
China (3 plants) India  Malaysia

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX also has commercial distribution branches in Spain, Norway, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, Czech Republic / Slovakia, Baltic States, Romania and Japan.

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